The short story of our KULAU Seaweed Crisps

(This is only a short English version of our German version and it has not yet been corrected by a native English speaker. You can order the Seaweed Crisps in our online shop and we ship to Germany and the rest of Europe).

I  have been fascinated by algaes for a long time and I found it especially inspiring to join the algae divers harvesting the sea veggies at the Atlantic coast in the summer of 2015.

There are so many different eatable algaes and there is so much more to discover than Nori and Wakame.

But I have also noticed that it is not necessarily gourmet food what most people associate with algaes. Many think about the unpleasant varieties in the sea and at the beaches found on hot summer days. We realized that a lot of convincing and PR had to be done to make sea veggies a mainstream and staple food.

For a beginning we came across the idea of seaweed crisps and the first edition with ginger and chili is truly delicious. Please try, but be careful, they are highly addictive!

Josefine Staats, Founder and CEO of KULAU and enthusiastic algae fan.