Coconut oil for animals

When taken regularly, coconut oil can have a positive effect on digestion and strengthen the immune system of the animal. It acts thanks to the high amount lauric acid also as antiviral, for example in the case of a worm infection. Animals can either be fed with coconut oil or massaged into skin or skin. Some may even eat it pure, others can be mixed with food. It does not matter whether the oil is liquid or solid.

Some nutritionists recommend a teaspoon per 10 kilos of weight. Others say birds should not get more than three teaspoons a day, dogs and cats depending on size and weight up to five tablespoons, and a horse can tolerate even 100 to 300 grams of coconut oil on the day. A particularly positive effect in horses is that they get less mosquito and fly stings. Also, summer chimneys occur more rarely.

By the way, coconut oil is suitable not only for the welfare of larger animals, such as dogs and cats, but many pet owners are reporting that guinea pigs, rabbits and even puppies are enjoying the benefits as well. The pigeons could do more with coconut oil in food and would have a more beautiful plumage.

At KULAU we attach great importance to produce only the best coconut oil in organic quality. The coconut oil is cold pressed directly after the harvest according to the most modern methods and from carefully selected fresh coconuts. In this way, all natural ingredients and the delicate fine coconut flavor remain intact. Our coconut oil is used both in the kitchen and in the cosmetics. The coconuts for the KULAU organic coconut oil comes from small-scale farming in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. A large part of the value added takes place on site. In our Onlineshop you can look at our organic products.


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    Wir nutzen Kokosöl für unsere Hunde, Katze und natürlich uns selbst. Ein echter Allrounder :D Habe mich auch mit dem Thema beschäftigt und nutze Kokosöl seid nun mehr bestimmt 5 Jahren. Liebe Grüße

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    Mit dem Kokosöl haben wir auch gute Erfahrungen gemacht. Unser Hund wird gerade jetzt zur Zeckenzeit täglich eingerieben. Anfangs war es erst mal gewöhnungsbedürftig für ihn, aber jetzt mag er es. Es gibt ja eine Extra-Portion Streicheleinheiten und zum Schluss werden noch zu gern die Hände abgeschleckt. da wir viel mit dem Hund unterwegs sind tut das Kokosöl nicht nur ihm gut sondern uns auch.

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