KULAU Organic Nori Snack

In Asia, roasted Nori leaves have long been a classic and an integral part of the snack offer. Now KULAU brings the popular snack to Europe and offers the KULAU Organic Nori Snacks: Crispy toasted nori leaves, which melt on the tongue and leave an intense taste of the sea vegetables.
While some may need to get used to the taste of the sea, most of the Sushi fans fall in love with it at the first bite and sometimes use it as a first-aid kit for a ravenous appetite for sushi.

The snack consists of dried Nori algae leaves (62%), which are roasted and are only prepared with organic rapeseed oil and natural sea salt. This creates a crispy snack, which is brought into a mouth-watering shape and melts directly on the tongue when consumed. How to imagine such a production can be seen in the following video. There, the production of conventional nori leaves (used in the production of sushi rolls) is shown.

Algenzucht in Korea – Galileo.tv – das Online-Wissensmagazin

Whether pure, as a topping for a fresh salad or special ingredient for other recipes: The KULAU Organic Nori Snack can quickly become an integral part of a health-conscious lifestyle as algae contain a variety of valuable minerals and vitamins. Read more about edible algae here.

A little tip to the end: As soon as the pack is opened, the Nori Snacks should be eaten promptly, as the crispy effect is lost with time. Luckily the little pack is eaten quickly.;)